BBC Radio 4: Designing for Mental Health

Associate Ben Channon recently spoke to Sam Fenwick for BBC Radio 4’s You & Yours at Clipper’s Quay in Salford about how we designed the interiors to help improve mental health and wellbeing for residents.

Developed by Grainger plc, the project provides 614 Build to Rent homes aimed at young renters working in MediaCity. Assael Interiors worked closely with the developer to design the suite of residents’ shared amenity spaces, including the entrance lobbies, lounges, gym, games room, and dedicated zones for co-working.

According to government statistics, 2.4 million adults in the UK suffer from chronic loneliness and people who rent felt lonelier than others. Therefore, the aim for these amenity spaces was to create a place that fosters a community and promotes social interaction. Features such as bold colours, double-height spaces and full-height windows create an engaging, uplifting environment as soon as people enter the building. This tactility, daylight, and use of natural materials can have a huge impact on people’s wellbeing.

We’re delighted to hear that residents are enjoying the amenity spaces at Clipper’s Quay, and for more tips from Ben on how to design for mental wellbeing within your own home take a look at his book ‘Happy By Design: A Guide To Architecture And Mental Wellbeing’.

Read more about Clippers Quay interiors here.


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