Let’s unblock the market: A new rental model for London

As part of their Autumn Insight Study, the NLA has been searching for innovative ideas that would help solve London’s housing crisis and our proposal, ‘Let’s unblock the market: A new rental model for London’, has been shortlisted.

Due to the high cost of home ownership, recent research by PwC suggests that more than half of 20 to 39 year olds will be forced into the poorly supplied rental sector within the next ten years. Our proposal for improving London’s housing therefore looks into combining the Build to Rent model, which includes sustainable long-term investment for institutions and attractive places to live for renters, with volumetric construction to improve the quality, scale and speed of housing for rent in London.

Other shortlisted ideas include self-build communities, making better use of London’s canal and river network, and infilling unused land.

The ten winners will be announced on 14 October and all shortlisted ideas will be exhibited at the NLA between 15 October and 17 December 2015.


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